Using the AWS Marketplace

Managing your Fastah subscription on AWS Marketplace

This page describes critical tasks you may need to carry out on AWS Marketplace about the Fastah API.


Fastah listing on AWS Marketplace

Access the product listing at this link

Select a Plan

Select one of the plans. Note that usage-based pricing is calculated in multiples of 1000 API calls.


If you are using the API in the browser via CORS, pre-flight requests (OPTIONS) are not metered.

Setup an account on the Fastah Developer Portal

You will be shown a link to configure your account on Fastah Developer Portal where you will be able to obtain a personal API key and start using the product.

As part of this setup, you will be asked for your name and work email. Please lookout for an email from [email protected] requesting you to verify your email address.


What’s Next

Setup your account at the Fastah Developer Portal and get your API key