First-level administrative units: State names and ISO codes added

We just added "first-level administrative divisions within a country" (usually called states or provinces by regular folks ;) to the API's JSON response as an explicit attribute. See stateName for the colloquial name and the corresponding computer-friendly ISO code in stateCode; note that one of both may be empty for smaller nations when no such civil divisions exist or when ISO hasn't assigned them a code.


Starlink by SpaceX and ViaSat - now reported by IP

We have started adding an optional attribute to the API's JSON response when a Starlink or ViaSat satellite internet IP address is detected. See the example below.


New plans on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

We recently revamped subscription plans for the IP Geolocation API product on Azure Marketplace .


Currency symbol now available

A currency symbol attribute is now available on the IP Geolocation API response.


🚀 Now on Microsoft Azure Marketplace !

Fastah's IP Geolocation API is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace


Developer Console: improved API explorer

Login to the Developer Console to explore the API in your browser:


Currency and Language locales now available

You can now get the currency and language locales for an IP by using the newly added l10n (short for localization) object in the JSON response


Apple's iCloud Private Relay - geolocation now supported

The Fastah API service now returns the approximate city location for Apple users using the new Private Relay feature on iOS 15, MacOS Monterey and iPad OS 15.


Ciphers with TLSv1.2 and higher

Our API endpoints only accept client requests where the supported ciphers are in the "Recommended" list published by the Mozilla Foundation on their server-side TLS guidance page.


Wider Latin America coverage

Today, we have added around 3000 additional subnets covering IPv4 and IPv6 networks in Latin American nations. These are live in the API.