Apple's iCloud Private Relay - geolocation now supported

The Fastah API service now returns the approximate city location for Apple users using the new Private Relay feature on iOS 15, MacOS Monterey and iPad OS 15.

Apple's guide to this feature is here.

Sign-up for the Fastah IP geolocation API on AWS Marketplace and use the quick start developer guide to get started. Happy hacking! :)

  "ip": "",
  "isEuropeanUnion": false,
  "locationData": {
    "countryName": "Australia",
    "countryCode": "AU",
    "cityName": "Canberra",
    "cityGeonamesId": 2172517,
    "lat": -35.28,
    "lng": 149.13,
    "tz": "Australia/Sydney",
    "continentCode": "OC"